We Listen

We might be a technology company, but we are all about creating a positive impact and experience. That means we need to really listen to what is important to you with an open mind as opposed to a prescriptive solution.

To achieve the best outcomes, it is important that we get a wider understanding of the situation and that means being prepared and able to understand not just the technical lay of the land, but also the financial and key leadership objectives that exist.

It's FREE to talk

We're full of great ideas, but until we truly understand what is important to you those ideas will remain just that. We're here to listen so that we can work together, so get in touch today.

We Suggest

We are here to provide recommendations and ideas based on our extensive knowledge of the technology market; we are not here to force you down a particular route. That means putting our ideas forwards in a way that is concise, makes sense and is connected to the things you told us are important to you.

Our partnership driven way of doing things underpins this process. We actively provide investment planning and education technology advice without charge on an ongoing basis; it’s what helps you to be in control of and always have a plan.

ICT Planning Services

Now offering free ICT strategy planning services to help get more from your existing and future investments.

We Deliver

We make a habit of doing what we said we would do. This means having the best technical resources coupled with fully qualified project management resources that know how to get the job done.

How we’ve helped…

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Our consultants are highly skilled and accredited in all of the core technologies that we use to deliver solutions to our customers and stay up to date with the latest developments that are happening.

Technical Consultancy Services

Get access to market leading technical services that are proven, dependable and reliable. We work with you to take on technical challenges.

Project Management Services

Our highly accredited project managers will help to dramatically accelerate the delivery process for you, improving quality & results in a hassle-free way.

We Support

Novus have a full range of service offerings to provide ongoing support and maintenance of your systems and services.

From simple escalated support services that help compliment your internal technical capabilities to more comprehensive service offerings that proactively monitor, manage and maintain every aspect of your systems, we can work with you to ensure you get the most out of what you have.

Service Desk

Whether tackling a complex technical problem or just wanting to bounce ideas of people, our service desk is all about having people to turn to with the right skills backed with a genuine desire to help.

Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance

This powerful service reduces downtime, improves security and frees up your resources. Tackle problems before they become an issue for users and use us to ensure your system patching is up to date.

Fully Managed ICT Services

Our convenient, simple and transparent approach to running services offers a turn-key approach to delivering ICT within your organisation. It becomes all about outputs and result.

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